Light Pasta, White Radish, Oysters and Black Pepper

Pasta Ligera…Rábano Blanco con Ostras y Pimienta
Cuisinier: Bo Bech
Pays: Denmark
Localité: 1050 Copenhagen
Adresse: Kongens Nytorv, 8
(+45) 33133713

Bo Bech is an heterodox cook influenced by the northern trends and characterized by young spirit, exaltation of Scandinavian landscapes and –very– green consciousness. He really loves nature, nature in its whole. As well as essentiality, rationality, authenticity, which are reflected through very direct and audacious proposals. Like these vegetal spaghetti impregnated with an extremely natural sauce, basically made with another local product, that is Her Majesty the oyster. Imagination, identity and high level. And, above all, pure nature in mouth and stomach.

La Recette



Oyster from the “limfjord”

White radish

Grape seed oil


Black pepper



Remove the oysters from their shells and grind with the grape seed oil until obtaining a mayonnaise texture. Salt.

Peel the white radish and cut long ant thin strips similar to spaghetti. Soak the strips into the oyster sauce and season with lemon and black pepper.

Place the strips into the dish and garnish with a fresh oyster in its shell.