Microvegetaux Gurmalia


Pays: Spain
Localité: 08040 Barcelona
Adresse: Longitudinal, 7-114.
(+34) 932643640
Prix à la carte: Approx. 8 € la terrine de 200 g

The color and shapes are impressive–small, green bunches of all sorts of vegetables and greens that change at any given point in the year: red giant and golden streaks mustard, mini-watercress, mini-lamb’s lettuce, purple basil, mini-dandelion, mini-red chard and bulls blood. The wide range of product is a gastronomic rainbow: acidic, bitter, green, spicy flavors… with textures ranging from crispy to meaty to juicy… like tasting a slice of the fields they were grown in, the garden, nature itself, bursting with fragrances, life, freshness and nuances. In short, an astonishing vegetable cocktail that can be the base of any salad or used as an exquisite bouquet to complete a recipe. It has a one-week expiration period.