Japanese Turnip, Grilled Salmon and Sesame

Ze Kitchen Galerie
Cuoco: William Ledeuil
Nazionalita: Francia
Localita: 75006 París
Indirizzo: 4 rue des Grands-Augustins
(+33) 0144320032

William Ledeuil has been up to create a cuisine which combines passion for Thailand and its aromas together with French academism and refinement marked with strong identity. A practice that allows us to discover new cultures as well as the chef’s personal talent. This recipe, utterly minimalist, immaculate, natural, light, colourful and original, presents no creative excess at all. Here, the guest feels liveliness, freshness, simplicity… a new concept that perfectly suits to modern times. A young and creative cuisine that rimes with intransposable inspiration, originality, proximity a...