Potato gnocchi with lemon and toasted sesame

Il Canto
Cocinero: Paolo Lopriore
País: Italy
Localidad: 53100 Siena
Dirección: Strada di Certosa, 82
(+39) 0577288180

Through this dish, Paolo Lopriore expresses his immense personality and some of the qualities that set him apart. His philosophy, for example, “less is more”; two elements, lemon and toasted sesame, are sufficient to paint a splendid rainbow of flavors. Strong, contrasted sensations that converge in the gnocchi, which temper them. An electrifying combination that creates sparks on the palate, with a strong Italian charge. Humility, nature, essence, boldness… a formula that resides above time and tastes. Nothingness converted into everything. Brilliant.

La Receta