Mushroom Risotto With Sweet Mountain Cheese

Miramonti L´Altro
Cocinero: Philippe Leveillé
País: Italy
Localidad: 25062 Concesio
Dirección: Via Cresette 34

An excess, yes, but then perhaps brilliance is generally a bit excessive. Brilliance can be attained either by a boasting of the imagination, creating unprecedented combinations, or through the perfection of classic flavors. In this case we are dealing with an excess of knowledge, technique and refined succulence. It is difficult to say whether this is a fondue or an aligot, perhaps it falls somewhere between the two, in any case we find ourselves before an unmistakable cheese dish, truly substantial, that produces immense, even brazen pleasure. A recipe of cheese and rice, since the grain here demonstrates its full character as well, flavorful and tactile, representing 50% of the gastronomic work. The mushrooms imply the intellectual character of the mountainous region. In short, a formula that reflects the countless, marvelous qualities and identity of Philippe Leveillé.

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