Marinated Tiger Shrimp Over Risina Beans And Treviso Radicchio

La Peca
Cocinero: Nicola Portinari
País: Italy
Localidad: 36045 Lonigo (Vicenza)
Dirección: Via Giovanelli, 2
(+39) 0444830214

Nicola Portinari’s cuisine expresses magnificently both its personal identity and the Italian sentiment on the whole. He accomplishes this by presenting traditional flavors with bona fide audacity. In our Great Dishes section we’ve included multiple examples of his that confirm his creativity and virtuosity: capelli with Treviso radicchio in spicy soup with seafood; modern caciucco; risotto with burrata cheese and Mediterranean aromas… and this dish in which he once again manages to magically harmonize the typical ingredients of the region: the celebrated Treviso radicchio of the area, the delicious Sicilian tiger shrimp and the delicate, tiny risina beans. The accompaniment keeps with traditional protocol, and the structure of the dish is evidence of an intelligent evolution: a seafood carpaccio salad, its purity preserved, the tiger shrimp tails simply sliced, seasoned and marinated in olive oil.

La Receta