Monochrome of Norway lobster

Il Canto - Hotel Certosa de Maggiano
Cocinero: Paolo Lopriore
País: Italy
Localidad: 53100 Siena
Dirección: Strada di Certosa, 82
(+39) 0577288180

Is there a more delicate, nuanced, beautiful and brilliant carpaccio as this monochrome of Norway lobster? Surely not. At least we can’t remember one.
With regard to the raw product, the Norway lobsters are neither frozen nor sliced with a machine, instead they are crushed by hand–a technique employed to fully preserve their flavor and meaty texture. A quick blast of heat from the salamander helps to accentuate the flavor. The magical touches are found in the seasoning: marinated lemon, fresh lemon, lime, mint, ginger, radish, cumin water and salt flakes excite the palate with exquisite and refreshing nuances. And the carrot juice confirms the exceptional chef, Paolo Lopriore, one of the most brilliant culinary artists on the planet today.

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