Acorn-fed Iberian cured ham, caviar, foie gras… and truffle (tuber melanosporum vitt.) are the most renowned delicacies in the gastronomic world. The Asociación de Recolectores y Cultivadores de Trufa de Aragón (Association of Truffle Harvesters and Growers) and Javier Turmo, “El Pesebre”, Benasque, will propose the following subjects and tastings:
  • Brief story of the use of truffle in cookery through the centuries. Short description of specific data and anecdotes from the Middle Age, Renaissance, etc.
  • Wild and grown truffles: the most significant differences. Market prices.
  • Identification of the most common truffles. Commercialized truffles and truffles without any commercial value.
  • Cleaning and disinfection. Preserving.
  • Products with truffle in today’s market.
  • Workshop on cooking with truffle: preparation of three tapas by each attendee. Preparation of a portion of each tapa aimed at the restaurant and their plating.

Examples of tapas:

  • Truffled papardelle, soft cream of tender goat milk dough.
  • Truffled goose foie gras, crunchy French toast with sweet bread and truffle powder
  • Purple potatoes canapé with cod and truffle pil-pil.

Days: Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th, Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th.
Time: 17.00/18.30
Place: Stand of the Asociación de Recolectores y Cultivadores de Trufa de Aragón.
Price: €20.