Char-Grilled Oysters With Cooked Seaweed

Chef: Bittor Arginzoniz
Country: Spain
City: Atxondo. (Vizcaya).
Address: Plaza San Juan, 1.
(+34) 946583042

Victor Arguinzoniz, the creator of char-grilled haute cuisine and author of innumerable devices and techniques that he applies to the various delicacies he prepares, which are always stellar, never ceases to investigate. In 2006 he has incorporated several important dishes to the menu, among which the wood-grilled oysters over cooked seaweed are a highlight.
The oysters are removed from their shell, their juices set aside, and the membrane that surrounds them is taken off. They are placed onto a small, flat metal casserole dish and are then placed on the grill, which shouldn’t be to...