Risotto With Burrata Cheese And Mediterranean Aromas

Risotto Con Burrata Y Aromas Mediterráneos.
La Peca
Chef: Nicola Portinari
Country: Italia
City: Lonigo
Address: Via Giovanelli, 2
(+39) 0444830214

In this recipe, Nicola Portinari expresses sublime creaminess and the maximum in Italian culinary style. The rice is al dente, very al dente, preserving its tactile and flavorful identity – immaculate – submerged in cream, the essence of milk, with ricotta and burrata cheese. This southern simplicity, mature, wise and erudite, embodies the quintessential gastronomy of country, seasoned with characteristic audacious and daring. Magnificent specks of tomato, olives, capers – dried – oregano and oil that brings light and color to a form that clearly reminds one of pizza.