Le Cerf

Mozzarela de coco en curry d'encre de seiche
Carlo Crisci
Country: Switzerland
City: 1304 Cossonay-Ville
Address: Rue du Temple, 2
+(41) 0218612608
Closed: Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays midday
Price: 100/200 €
Tasting menu:: 160 €

What might we expect from one of the great chefs of Switzerland? Deluxe timepieces, of course. This and much more is what personifies Carlo Crisci. An evolutionist chef in his classicism, distinguished by elegance, wisdom, precision and an enormous sense of professionalism. A refined, erudite, technical and stylistic chef whose dishes burst with identity, exceeding himself, little by little, in accordance with the times. Everything he does and proposes is studied and re-studied, tested and re-tested. Everyone’s feast is insured.