Ravioli filled with extra virgin olive oil, anchovy juice and pantelleria capers, served with fresh tomato sauce

Chef: Andrea Menichetti
Country: Italy
City: 58050 Montemerano
Address: Vía Canónica, 3
(+39) 0564602817

With this dish, Andrea Menichetti won the First International Prize for Cuisine with Olive Oil: “Jaen, paraíso interior”. A creation that has become the flagship of the restaurant. It constitutes an exaltation of the most characteristic flavors of Italy. The pasta is imbibed with extra virgin olive oil and imparts its immaculate flavor. It evokes bread dipped in oil, as well as bread with oil and tomato. It transmits the unctuousness of the vegetable’s oil—a drop is felt as it runs through the mouth, spreading its exquisite essence. This recipe’s magnitude is such that it has tra...