Plin de queso de cabra fresco roccaverano con agua de tomate, olivas taggiasche y salteados con mantequilla de cabra

Locanda nel Borgo Antico
Chef: Massimo Camia
Country: Italy
City: 28018 Barolo (NO)
Address: Via Boschetti, 4
(+39) 017356355

The sublimation of fresh egg pasta… the creaminess of the yolk in all its splendor – creaminess and delicacy that is confirmed by the succulence of the fresh goat cheese as it melts in your mouth with its charming texture. Continuing with the creamy, lactic theme, the plin are sautéed in goat butter rendering them, quite simply, buttery. As contrasts to the substance of the dish, a lightly acidic freshness is presented in the way of tomato water, covering the base of the plate, and a gentle bitterness is added by chopped black olives; nuances that are expressed with a magic sense of ba...