Warm oysters with green apple gelatin

Warm oysters with green apple gelatin
Chef: Hilario Arbelaitz
Country: España
City: Oiartzun (Guipúzcoa)
Address: B. Iturriotz. Beheko Zoro Plaza, 1
(+34) 943491228

Zuberoa has numerous specialities: foie gras, lobster, snout, mashed potatoes—one of a kind, served as a side with various meats—and oysters. Oysters have never been absent from the menu, including various forms in which they have been offered in pairs as a complementary alternative. They have always had clever recipes in which their rawness is presented in two ways, cold and warm; this preserves the nature and texture of the shellfish, which at a warm temperature augments its flavor without ever transforming the idiosyncrasies in flavor and texture of the product in pure state.