Estrella del Bajo Carrión

Revuelto de hongos boletus edulis, cebolla confitada y foie gras tostado
Alfonso Fierro
Country: Spain
City: 34131 Villoldo (Palencia)
Address: Ctra. Palencia-Riaño, km. 29,300, dentro de la población
(+34) 979827005
Closed: Sunday evenings and Mondays, except in summer
Price: 50/60 €
Tasting menu:: 50 €

The passage of time and its success have defined this restaurant, one that is well aware of its location—deep in the heart of Spain—and of what it knows: home-cooked regional cuisine with style. Simple dishes rooted in noble and humble regional ingredients, to which are applied modern cooking techniques for delicate flavors and easy digestion. They bring history up to date with knowledge and in some cases excitement—there are some ingenious offerings, though they are always tempered and never break with history.