Beaufort Polisy 2000

Beaufort Polisy 2000

Type: Espumoso
Country: France
Region: Champagne
City: 51150 Ambonnay
Address: 1, rue Vaudemanges
(+33) 0326570150
Year established: 1969
Production (bottles): 30.000 botellas.
Vineyard area: 13
Brands: Beaufort Posisy, Ambonnay, Rose, Demi-Sec y Doux.
Price: 31,50 €

Jacques Beaufort is a viticulturist in Montagne de Reims who is known for his firm ecological convictions. His vineyard in Polisy, which is mainly devoted to growing Pinot Noir grapes, is located on the Côte des Bar, near Bar-sur-Seine.
This bottle brings together all the components of luxury: a festive champagne destined for the most exquisite of tastes. Remarkable bubbles, an exuberant aromatic presence with floral, fruit and balsamic sensations: almond flower, apple, peach, citrus marmalade and honey. On the palate it is elegant and wonderfully balanced but also substantial, voluminous, full-bodied, complex, personal… with a constant of minerality and nuttiness that accentuates its freshness.