The 12th edition of our Congress in Alicante is going to undergo a qualitative leap. The Gastronomic City is taking shape and becoming a reality. We are committed to proximity rather than to seminars aimed at a large audience. We therefore propose 170 workshops instead of 50, as last year. A larger amount of workshops on haute cuisine, popular cuisine, products, etc. from 60€ to 0€, so that everybody can take part and make his/her own menu. “À la carte” gastronomy. If you add the activities of the Auditorium and the championships, that means around 700 professionals on stage, a lot more than all the previous editions.
The tastings will literally invade the fairground. Over 75 bars, 10 restaurants, a hundred or so tastings. Eating and drinking at popular prices, cost prices, in order to disseminate knowledge about wines, delicacies, snacks, dishes, cakes, cocktails, etc.
We insist on mediterranity within a cosmopolitan spirit. We reinforce the presence of Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia, Catalonia, Provence, Côte d’Azur, Italy, Croatia and Lebanon, which will appear together with top chefs from many other places.
We also extend the Congress out of the IFA fairground. How? Through the Days on Twinning of the Arabic and Christian cuisines, the Gastronomic Open Week and the Tapas and Salted Products Week, to be held November 1-9, 2010.
Palatal life, experiences and culture... Do not miss it!