Martín’s mastery, perfection, erudition, inventiveness and sympathy will be part of the Congress again as main attraction of the programme. 150 professionals divided into two groups will cheer the best-liked Spanish cook, who will delight the audience with his last recipes, more generous and better than ever:
  • Sardines with pieces of cucumber, raw pods, mango toffee and ice-blended galanga and turmeric.
  • Lettuce trunk with its juice, baby octopus, seafood and meat stock.
  • Red mullet with scale crystals and oyster sheet, mustard sandwich and curry sauce.
  • Grilled sole with its skin over minced oysters and seaweeds, smoked salmon cheek and chili spherifications.
  • Roasted pigeon with fresh pasta bone covered with mushrooms, little touches of truffle cream and sliced mushrooms.
  • Chocolate and honey pie with Irish coffee ice cream and other delights.



Days and time:
  • Sunday, 7th. 16.00/19.30
  • Tuesday, 9th. 10.00/13.30.

Place: IFA MEET.
Price: €50.