Raw Norway lobster with celery chlorophyll (2007)

Raw Norway lobster with celery chlorophyll (2007)
Cascina Canova
Chef: Luca Casadio
Country: Italy
City: 24055 Cologno al Serio (Bergamo
Address: Cascina Canova
(+39) 035898978

In this 16th century country inn Luca Casadio officiates behind the rings. He is a chef with consolidated experience and a rare sensitivity, backed by a young brigade of assistants, he serves a cuisine in which nothing is superfluous. The menu changes frequently. We had the pleasure of trying this raw Norway lobster accompanied by sautéed “Sakura” vegetables and an infusion of celery chlorophyll. An essential, direct, colorful dish that perfectly sums up the philosophy of the chef: simplicity and exquisite product.