Miramonti L’Altro

Manteca de cerdo fundente en gelatina de mostaza y guarnición tradicional de Bre
Philippe Leveillé
Country: Italy
City: 25062 Concesio
Address: Via Cresette 34
(+39) 0302751063
Closed: Mondays and August.
Price: 90/140 €
Tasting menu:: 65, 75 y 95 €

Philipphe Leveillé is a prodigious chef. For knowledge, technique, consistency and flavor, he deserves a top grade. If you like the French academic approach, don’t waste a moment in discovering him, and yourself… We stand before a virtuoso of the rings that unreservedly deserves the ranking. A bourgeois cuisine that values knowledge, erudition, succulence, refinement… and is representative of the high level gastronomy. Knowledge and understanding in its maximum expression.