Black and grey rice

Osteria la Francescana
Chef: Massimo Bottura
Country: Italy
City: 41100 Módena
Address: Via Stella, 22
(+39) 059220286

Massimo Bottura is a poet whose cup runneth over with culinary idealism. Enthusiastic, exultant, rapturous… his state of mind comes through in his work, irradiating artistic dedication. Such confidence, insistence and even daring have propelled him, in only a few short years, to one of the icons of creative cuisine in all of Italy.
This black and grey rice, which is one of the less spectacular dishes on the menu, curiously enough, expresses erudition and intelligence–a truly doctoral dish. The sumptuous delicacy is tangible. The rice is soaked in oceanic flavors, with an intense...