Diego Domínguez
Country: Spain
City: 28006 Madrid
Address: Ortega y Gasset, 40
(+34) 915778272
Closed: Sunday evenings, Holy Week and in August.
Price: 100/170 €
Tasting menu::

This opulent seafood house serves sumptuous oceanic treasures that are as majestic as the marine paradise that supplies them—the Domínguez family, Manuel and his son Diego, who is fully involved in the management of the establishment, always shell out whatever is necessary, and even something more, to obtain the best of the best. Consequently, one always visits one of the two Combarros in the hope of finding what can be found in very few restaurants: unforgettable experiences of yesteryear that, though seemingly improbable, not only are reaffirmed but sometimes surpassed.