To Change The World

Curiously enough, the only formula that remains from the first menu at Es Molí d’en Bou, in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar (Majorca) when the restaurant was inaugurated in 2001, is the cannelloni. Cannelloni filled with chopped foie gras, confit, pigs feet and mushrooms, bathed in a mushroom sauce with meat juices and cream – a dish that responds to a profound philosophy of jumbled flavors. One of those dishes where the guest exclaims, “how delicious!” and then quickly asks, “what is it?” Whatever you might say, the important thing is that it’s good, and that is exactly what chef Tomeu Caldentey believes, as he smilingly pays his price to popular temptations. Temptations to satisfy those who don’t have a greater knowledge of what culinary pleasures abound beyond the accepted canon of gastronomy. Those who prefer the cannelloni to other succulent dishes which would better confirm the fame of this restaurant: foie gras with cherries, venere rice and morels; grilled cod with gelatinized broth perfumed with fennel, adorned with asparagus and artichokes; low-temperature kid with goat cheese air and rosemary gelatin. Conclusion: we can’t change the world. But that’s a good thing. Why? Not because we might be wrong, nor for simple mental and spiritual hygiene – not even out of humility… but because we would be just another in the crowd.