Heat and champagne, champagne and heat – the blood bubbles slowly. A bit like a sixty-five year old woman showing off her curves on the paradisiacal terrace overlooking the Mediterranean of Bens D’Aval in Soller (Majorca), flittering this way and that in translucent white linens, as transparent as the lasagne once created by Michel Guérard, sparking carnivorous thoughts of the foie gras and the fragrance of the black truffle hidden in her bosom. And what an incredible dish it was for its time!
The sun presses down as the bubbles continue to rise and fall. If this woman were a chef, what unbridled fantasy she would engender in her dishes! She would most likely be a seductress of taste and intellect. She wouldn’t tire of “sensualizing” her preparations. She would incite and provoke… But up to what point? We ask ourselves this because this elderly lady wasn’t wearing a g-string, like she should have been. Was it because she would have been ashamed? Or was it because at a certain age you get to where you can depending on how fashionable you are?
It is not our job to go around telling every chef in the world what they need to be doing at their age. Everyone has their own cycle. Everyone has to play the role they are given. Everyone must follow their own path.
Beef has its virtues, just like the cow does. Everything has its moment and application.