Al-Manzar Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Aceites Viana

Country: Spain
City: 23539 Garciez (Jaén)
Address: Ctra. Garciez-Bezmar,s/n.
(+39) 953359121
Price: 15 € the price of 500 ml bottle

The Salcedo family, owner of the legendary restaurant Juanito, in Baeza (Jaén), has made a transcendental leap in the world of olive oil, substantially changing the development of the brand as well as the final product. The oil is now obtained from trees planted on terraces that have at least 4 meters separating each in height, situated in the Fuente del Robledillo, Los Villares. The hilly terrain and the characteristics of the soil impart a special personality to the product, along with the rigorous selection of the olives themselves, producing only 7,500 of the 500 ml bottles per harvest.

It has an exceptional aroma, in strength and quality, with delicate vegetal fragrances, such as figs. Extremely elegant and fruity on the palate. Its bitterness is so delicate and nuanced that it becomes sublime. The same can be said for the bite, which is barely hinted at in the aftertaste, demonstrating that picual does not necessarily need to be aggressive.