Casa Matías Ewe Milk Cheese

Queijos Casa Matias

Country: Portugal
City: 6270-031 Carragosela - Seia
Address: Quinta do Chão da Vinha
(+351) 238902250
Price: 36 € per kilo

The “Torta de Serra da Estrela” is the Portuguese counterpart to the similar cheese “tortas” found just across the border in Extremadura, Spain. It is made with milk from ewes of the Portuguese Bordaleira race that graze on cardoon flowers that the surrounding hills are covered with. This particular brand of cheese enjoys a much-deserved reputation, having won various international awards such as the Gold Medal in Verona for the Mountain Cheese Competition.
As is characteristic of this cheese, the first thing that calls your attention is its extraordinary creaminess, as dense as a liquid could be – a consistency it acquires when served at the perfect temperature and something that requires it be left at room temperature for a few hours before hand. Equally important is the resulting flavor, profound and unequivocally sheep’s milk – sour, concentrated, substantial, fatty and, apart from being lightly acidic, it expresses a minimal bitter tone. Bursting with character.