Cassoulet au Confit de Canard Rougié

Rougié Bizac International, S.A.

Country: France
City: 24203 Sarlat
Address: Avenue du Périgord, bp 118
(+33) 0553317200
Price: 10,2 € the 840 g can

A stellar example of prepackaged food using some, if not the finest legumes available. The beans are of extraordinary quality and the preparation they receive is exemplary. They are beautiful, whole and creamy with almost unnoticeable skins that fall apart in the mouth, expressing exquisite, succulent flavor. The stock stands out for its density, creaminess and flavor, highlighting the character of the duck and vegetables, as well as certain spices. The pork sausages – four pieces per can that weigh 120 g in total – illustrate the stock and stand out on their own for their juicy, light character and palpable flavor. In this context of nobility and virtuosity, the only thing that could improve is the confit, which is prepared traditionally but a little overcooked.