Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Grupo Castillo de Canena

Country: Spain
City: 23420 Canena (Jaén)
Address: Remedios, 4
(+34) 953770101
Price: 9,90 € a 500ml bottle

The Castillo de Canena Family Reserves have two appellations, Picual and Arbequina, depending on the olive variety used to produce the oil. From the first, they produce about 20,000 half-liter bottles per run, depending on the harvest, and 35,000 from the second. They are numbered in both cases—a selection of the best olives brought into the mill.

Fruity, elegant and balanced, with the typical, albeit wisely subtle, characteristics of Picual. Bitterness and spice are transformed into pluses, into complementary rather than detrimental qualities. They provide complexity and accentuate the uniqueness of a modern oil that blends lush vegetal aromas and presents a clean, vibrant palate bursting with olive juice.