Cooked Tongue in Brine Baudracco Gastronomia

Baudracco Gastronomia

Country: Italy
City: 10126 Turín
Address: 62, Corso Vittorio Emanuelle IIº
(+39) 011545582
Price: 35 € per kilo

One of those artisanal products that is the fruit of past habits and inherited nobility. Made with tongues from “fassone” cows, a Piamontesa species with intrinsic qualities in the aging of their meat and concentration of fat. Both factors contribute to give it extraordinary succulence, gelatinousness and juiciness. Immense flavor and a supple meatiness, the consequence of numerous veins which give a “marbled” effect to the meat, similar to that of an excellent aged beef loin. It also brings out the reddish complexion of the product. Hence we find ourselves before an example of stellar charcuterie, supplied by exceptional animals. It is worth mentioning Maurilio Baudracco’s symbolic annual production: between 350 and 400 kilos. The production technique is also first-rate. The tongue is submerged in salt for one month. Once a week, it is massaged by hand. Once the time has passed, it is de-salted in water for 24 hours and slow-cooked over low temperature for 3 hours. It is allowed to cool and rest for 10 days.
A tongue that is one of a kind in the world.