Deia Dried Figs in Tangerine Syrup

Deia SNC di Iaccarino Pietro Paolo E C. SNC

Country: Italy
City: Sant’Agnello (Nápoles)
Address: San Giuseppe 5, B
(+39) 0815321577
Price: 6 € a 360 gram jar

A very dignified dessert for eating at home, for the quality of the selected ingredients; and an original one, for the mixture that makes it stand out; and though classical, it has the mark of haute cuisine. It consists of a dried fig stuffed with a toasted almond, in a sauce made with tangerine juice, cocoa and sugar; this gives it obvious complexity, with bitter, acidic and sweet notes. The sweetness clearly predominates but is far from being excessive. The juicy texture of the fruit soaked in the syrup makes it easy sink your teeth into.

It is a good idea to put the jar in the oven at 70ºC for 10 minutes and serve it hot.