Don Bocarte Anchovies in Virgin Olive Oil

Conservas Selección Santoñesa, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 39740 Santoña (Cantabria)
Address: Baldomero Villegas, s/n.
00 34 942661920
Price: 23, 9 and 2,30 € the 550, 180 and 48g cans

The anchovies in virgin olive oil prepared by José María Zorrilla have won deserved fame among those from the Cantabrian Sea. They satisfy all of the requirements of prestige and excellence to the letter: beautiful, quality specimens caught in the north of Spain, immediately and painstakingly hand-treated, cured for six years and, of course, with limited production.

Salmon-brown in tone, uniform and devoid of dark stains along the dorsal spine. Silver specks are noticeable on the skin side, signifying handling with a cloth. Meticulously de-boned. Rich, with a meaty texture. Clean, deep flavor, well balanced between the fish and the salt—though salty, they appear perfectly married to the extra virgin olive oil, which makes them unctuous.

They are always superior to those sold in larger packages, because the fish are larger.