El Navarrico “Cristal” Peppers

José Salcedo Soria, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 31570 San Adrián (Navarra)
Address: Pol. Ind. s/n.
(+34) 948670261
Price: About €6 for a 215 gram jar

They have improved markedly since appearing on the market. These peppers are not presented whole and in their raw shape, but rather in large pieces; the integrity of the Cristal variety is practically impossible to maintain because they are so delicate and break so much when pealed artisanally by hand. It goes without saying that their texture is fragile because of their thinness; as their flavor is fine, subtle…extremely refined and without equal among Spanish red peppers. Their extreme sweetness stands out, contrasted with barely perceptible sour and bitter notes that give them complexity; and their mellowness clearly predominates. Exquisiteness impregnated with nature and rusticity, revealing the roasting aromas which give them nobility. Vibrant red in color, showing ripeness and shining with exceptional black speckles. Virtually seedless and meticulously cleaned.

The production of this celebrated variety of peppers is anecdotal—one could say that it is practically extinct from commercialization. Grown in Quel.