Fleur de Sel Of Merlot, Cabernet And Syrah

Scev Jean Dubois-Challon

Country: France
City: 33330 Saint Emilion
Address: Château Belair
Price: 10 € for a 250 g bottle

A highly original sea salt from the Ile de Ré with an interesting design that stands out from everything else in the market these days. Produced by the prestigious Pascal Belbeck of Château Belair, Premier Grand Cru Classé of Saint-Émilion. The color is maroon from the red wine that it is infused with, also giving it its very distinctive flavors and aromas. Certain spices predominate like clove and pepper. The SALT is like small rubies, ideal for their shape and tonality to be used raw in colorful dishes to intensify the visual aspect – a sophisticated detail. It offers a world of possibilities for the seasoning of fish, grilled meats and many other preparations in haute cuisine.

Sold as merlot, cabernet sauvignon or syrah.