Gerardo Di Nola Peeled Italian Tomatoes

Zia Dora Italia s.r.l.

Country: Italy
City: 80053 Castellemare di Stabia (Na)
Address: Vía Plinio 40
(+39) 0818723644
Price: 3 €

Gerardo di Nola is a widely famous pasta maker, and one of the finest in all of Italy.

They also prepare tomatoes in various forms. On the one hand, pure tomato sauces that are then seasoned to one’s tastes: Passata di Pomodoro di Villa Literno Coltivati in Aridocultura and Passata di Pomodoro Gourmet. And on the other hand, different formats of tomatoes with their juices: Pomodorini di Villa Literno Coltivati in Aridocultura, small pieces with the skin and sauce; the Filetti di Pomodoro, halved, peeled tomatoes with their sauce, and the Pomodori Pelati Italiani.

This last kind is full of whole tomatoes, impeccably peeled, that possess a noble pulp and ripeness resulting in meaty, immaculate sensations on the palate; they are accompanied by a small amount of the juices. As is the case for all their products, it requires that the chef adjust the seasoning to his own taste: salt, sugar, herbs (basil, for example), spices… a thousand possible caprices, but above all, it must be cooked and reduced, gaining in concentration the longer the process is extended. A splendid, lovely appearance that reaffirms the artisanal, select character distinguishing this brand.

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