La Vigna Grey mMllet Roe

La Vigna di Sipiano Michele

Country: Italy
City: 90147 Palermo (PA)
Address: Via Constantino, 22
(+39) 0916726198
Price: 150 gr. – 250 gr. : 30 y 62 €

Sold in the finest delicatessens in Italy, like the one owned by the Alajmo family, artifice of the best restaurant in Italy: “Le Calandre”, in Sarmeola di Rubano, next to Padua, in the region of Veneto. Such endorsements confirm the maximum quality of this artisan Sicilian product: a smooth, meaty and tender grey mullet roe, not very dry, not very cured, dignified by the preservation of the idiosyncrasy of the raw product. The flavor manifests itself with balance between the roe and the salting, the latter of which prevails without altering the character of the main ingredient.