Lafitte Lamprey Bordelaise


Country: France
City: 40500 Montaut (Las Landas)
Address: 455, route du Béarn
(+33) 0558764048
Price: 22,5 € a 400 g tin

This famous foie gras and other duck and goose product company offers this legendary regional recipe as a pre-prepared dish. Based on traditional parameters, and if we took into account the limitations inherent in preparing canned fish, it would deserve an outstanding rating.

This is an updated, noble dish. The lamprey fully retains its fat, gelatinousness and juiciness, with a full, authentic, wild flavor. The sauce embodies technique and refinement. Dense and light at the same time, with a homogenous texture befitting a stew; the wine and vegetables are noticeable on the palate in perfect sapid equilibrium, intermingled with the fish; refined in its classicism. And it offers a third lure: a wonderful side of tender leeks that melt like butter in your mouth.