Moutarde de Charroux

Les huiles et moutardes de charroux

Country: France
City: 03140 Charroux
Address: Rue de la Poulaillerie
(+33) 70568761
Price: 10€ retail price of ceramic jar 350 g.

This mustard is a gift from Jacques Decoret, as if he were to say to us: “it’s my favorite”. With this sort of presentation we give it all the attention it deserves. It is not without reason that it is the most famous in France, if we are speaking strictly of gastronomic craftsmanship. It was created in 1989 by Claude Maenner, who was inspired by old documentation of the region about the product in question. It is made with the brassica nigra (black mustard) and brassica juncea (brown mustard) varieties, brought over from Canada, which are then mixed with vinegar, St. Pourçain wine, water and salt.

The seeds explode in the mouth, like caviar eggs, filling it with a mustard aroma. Resulting in an ardent sensation, spreading in the mouth like a tasty fire that moves to the nose where it positions itself, saturating it with its fragrant characteristics. It is an aliment unto itself that needs no justification in order to enjoy it.