Munjebel Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Azienda Agricola Frank Cornelissen

Country: Italy
City: 95012 Solicchiata (CT)
Address: Via Nazionale 281/299
(+39) 0942986315
Price: 14,5 € for a 375 ml bottle

A Sicilian oil made from olives grown around Mt. Etna at a considerable altitude (2000-3000 ft) by an incredible person, a Belgian ecologist married to a Japanese woman: Frank Cornelissen. He uses the following varieties: Brandolfina, Nocellara dell’Etna, Pendolino, Frantoiana, Coratina and San Benedetto; all collected by hand and prepared with an ancestral stone-pressed extraction method.
On the palate it is fragrant, testifying to the splendor of the olive juice, with a distinct personality that results from the coupage of different varieties and the altitude at which they are grown. It has a straightforward, noble oleaginous character with bitter and spicy notes expressed with measure, without exaggerations–qualities that stand out.