Rocamadour Fermier Les Gariottes Cheese

Les Fermiers Du Rocamadour

Country: France
City: 46500 Alvignac
(+33) 0565388605
Price: 1,30 € a 35 g piece

Les Fermiers du Rocamadour is a cooperative of 14 farms; each of them has between 70 and 150 goats. Annual production is up to 2.5 million pieces, each one weighing 35 grams. Shaped like a flat cylinder, with a diameter of 60mm and a height of 16mm.

Its texture stands out—it is soft, creamy, super creamy, silky—like condensed milk, dense… but still delicate. These characteristics are reflected in its taste: its flavor is concentrated, while at the same time elegant and light, extremely noble. Essence of goat milk with acidic and bitter notes. Immensely subtle, very harmonious. Its individually sized portions, with hardly a difference between the cheese and the rind, the latter being a continuation of the former, makes it practical and enjoyable in its entirety.

It has a shelf life of 10 days when refrigerated. Leave out for one hour before eating so that it reaches room temperature.