Rosara Shellfish Cream

Conservas Artesanas Rosara, S.L.

Country: Spain
City: 31261 Andosilla (Navarra)
Address: Pol. Ind. 3.
(+34) 902304010
Price: 4.75 and 4.60 € for a 370 g jar or 425 g can

This product is wonderfully resolute and thoroughly meets one’s expectations. Evident flavors of shellfish (25% Norway lobster, 15% lobster, devil crab and prawns) and vegetables appear in a consummate balance of flavor. It isn’t too strong or overly extracted which is so often the case, something that creates an astringent, “sandy” character. On the contrary, it is noble and elegant, refined, with nothing standing out in particular apart from the pure identity that one awaits from a shellfish soup.

It may be enjoyed simply by warming it up gently for two minutes, or can be used as a base, illustrated by the addition of clams, prawns, monkfish, potatoes, noodles… to season a soup or vermicelli dish or even a dry or soupy rice. In short, it offers great versatility, either as a dish unto itself, used to enrich others, or as a base for various recipes.