Salsa Caterina Tartuflanghe


Country: Italy
City: 12040 Piobesi d'Alba (Cuneo)
Address: Loc. Catena Rossa 7
(+39) 0173361414
Price: Retail price for 250ml bottle : Around 20 €

This is a truly creative vinaigrette that brings a great amount of flavor to the ingredients whose nature it is to accentuate. If singularity is a virtue, nobility is even more important. Basically made with extra virgin olive oil (43%) and balsamic vinegar of Módena (31%), both from fine brands, to which is then added mustard, pine nuts and herbs, among other elements, making it very aromatic. Aside from the exquisite character and complexity, the first thing to be noticed in the mouth is its sweet and sour sensation impregnated with quality, insinuating a spice that never manages to come out. Because of its intensity, use sparingly.