Sanfilippo Salt-cured Anchovies

Salazones del Cantábrico, S.A. (Salazonsa)

Country: Spain
City: 39197 Argoños (Cantabria)
Address: Zona Industrial, s/n
(+34) 942626005
Price: 24 € an 8-piece can

Sanfilippo salt-cured anchovies are unbelievably good; and they have the advantage of being available in small 380g cans in addition to large ones of multiple kilos, making them ideal for the home. Each one holds eight beautiful pieces, carefully caught in the Cantabrian Sea.

They shine with a gorgeous, very even salmon-brown color, and they are quite smooth. On the palate, they stand out for their intense, wild flavor in which the anchovy and salt achieve a magical equilibrium.

The cardboard box around the can has instructions for their preparation. Extremely limited production.