Serragghia Capers with Guérande Fleur de Sel

Azienda Agricola Serragghia

Country: Italy
City: 20123 Milán
Address: Via Ariberto, 21
Price: 30 € el tarro de 120 g

The eclectic Milanese architect, Gabrio Bini, eternal lover of the small island of Pantelleria between Sicily and the African coast, created and conceived this product in which the caper is the star of the show. Grown naturally, the capers are collected gradually, each week, according to their level of ripeness. The property is situated at an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, allowing them to harvest from the end of May until mid-July, before the onslaught of parasites. Since they don’t use pesticides, the harvest must be finished by this date. The berries are incorporated into special casks where they salt the capers with Guérande fleur de sel for approximately 11 days. At that point the capers produce their own water/brine and are then caramelized/confited in the fleur de sel. The use of this particular salt preserves the aromas of the capers that, if done with common salts (which have a much higher amount of sodium chloride than fleur de sel) would be lost through the sterilization of the berries. Just by opening the jar, the pure, clean, profound and involving fragrance moves you. With regard to the palate, beyond the quality and persistence that develops in the mouth, the consistency, like that of a raisin, is also quite interesting: meaty but not dry. The capers can be used whole or blended with pasta sauces, in salads or fish-based preparations. They should also be tried with vegetable soups, adding a few to the bowl just before service: the aroma of the hot soup is instantly changed, like magic, as the capers expand, talking on the look of ripe, freshly picked berries. A splendid product from Gabrio, dignifiedly elevating this jewel of the Mediterranean.