Vinum Acre Anima Áurea

Olive Land Products

Country: Spain
City: 23710 Bailen (Jaén)
Address: Cristobal Colón, 14
(+34) 914575913
Price: 16 € for a 375 ml bottle

A delightful condiment of haute cuisine filled with aromas and flavors infused with an elegant acetic aspect. The nose has the same idiosyncrasy of an aged sherry vinegar, very mild, without aggressive characteristics, nuances of Pedro Ximénez and oloroso sherry from the wines that have been used, as well as unfermented grape juice, which help to temper the vinegar, making its acidity more subtle, while strengthening the complexity and roundness at the same time. In short, sherry vinegar that is more like wine, velvety, captivating and substantial.