Zampone Montana Gourmet

Montana Food SpA

Country: Italy
City: 43011 Busseto (PR)
Address: Via Europa, 14
(+39) 03766801 t
Price: Around €10.50

This company which belongs to the Cremonini Group offers this precooked Zampone de Modena Igp that is usually eaten in winter, typical at Christmas together with lentils, a dish Italian celebrate the change of year with.
The zampone emulates a pork leg stuffed with the grinded meats and grease of the animal. A precooked, not cured, tender, gelatinous and meaty cold meat that expresses the character of the pork in all its splendour. Immensely tasty and quenching. 50 grams of it fill as much as a foie gras terrine, and even more when accompanied with some curry lentils or polenta, or with mashed potatoes (out of Italy) –although we recommend to have it with green or red cabbage, attractively julienned, cooked in a covered pan without water with some olive oil drops for 10-15 minutes, just the time to move them back 3 or 4 times.
All the producers recommend to cook it for 20-30 minutes in the supplied bag together with its grease. The best option is to cook it for 15 minutes, open it, remove all the grease and gratiné at 150º C so that the skin gets attractively browned instead of extraordinarily gelatinous. It is just a question of tastes.