Guitian Godello 09

Guitian Godello 09
A Tapada, S.A.T.

Type: Blanco
Country: Spain
Region: Valdeorras
City: 32310 Rubiá de Valdeorras (Ourense)
Address: Finca La Tapada
(+34) 988324197
Year established: 1990
Production (bottles): 150.000
Vineyard area: 10
Brands: Guitian Godello, Guitian Sobrelias y Guitian Fermentado en Barrica
Price: 18 €

This is an unmistakably Galician wine, with a marked acidity that does not disturb in the least—it becomes a virtue in which the fruit is easily discernible, very ripe, on the nose as well as on the palate, showing significant aromatic and gustative richness. Various fruits make appearances: passion fruit, melon, peach, as well as flowers. In its journey on the palate, it affirms its evidently refreshing and vibrant tone, enhanced by a subtle bitterness. These contribute to its great complexity and give it sweetness. As is characteristic with this wine, it is elegant, balanced, and easy to drink.