Orujo de Patxarán 175 Aniversario Obeki

Orujo de Patxarán 175 Aniversario Obeki
Destilerías La Navarra, S.A.

Type: Espirituoso
Country: Spain
Region: Navarra
City: 31230 Viana<br />(Navarra).<br />
Address: Pol. de Alberguería, s/n.
(+34) 948645008
Year established: 0
Production (bottles):
Vineyard area:
Price: Sobre 9 € €

This famous Navarran distillery, known for its sloe-flavored liqueurs called patxaran in the Basque country (La Navarra Etiqueta Verde, La Navarra and Etxeko), as well as their diverse selection of fruit liqueurs (Blanca de Navarra), creams and eau-de-vies (Altavilla), has launched this orujo de patxaran in celebration of their 175th anniversary, representing a qualitative alternative to traditional patxaran, unveiling this liqueur in its essential form.
The aromas are marked by a clean personality with perfect harmony between the fruit and the herb sensations of the distillation process. It is only slightly sweet on the palate, fresh, fruity, light, with a moderate alcohol content (19º)…the berries coming across in all their splendor, alongside aromatic herbaceous notes.