Roero Ròche D´Ampsèj 01

Roero Ròche D´Ampsèj 01
Azienda Agicola Del Bricco Rocche

Type: Tinto
Country: Italy
Region: Roero
City: 12043 Canale d´Alba
Address: Via Santo Stefano Roero, 124
Year established: 1987
Production (bottles): 120.000
Vineyard area: 32 Roero-Comune di Canale
Brands: Roero Arneis Bianco , Roero Rosso, Barbera d’Alba Rosso, Anthos Vino da Tavola, Anthos Vino da Uve Stramature, Barbera d’Alba “Marun” Rosso , Nebbiolo d’Alba “La Val dei Preti” Rosso, Roero “Ròche d’Amsèj” Rosso, Langhe Bianco “Matteo Corregía” y Langhe Rosso “Le Marne Grigie” Rosso
Price: 40 €

Matteo Correggia is the most representative winery within this appellation, doing nothing less than defining recent history of the zone. The finest wines produced are the Langhe Rosso Le Marne Griglie and Roero Ròche d’Ampsèj. The latter is an extraordinarily elegant nebbiolo with a remarkable amount of character. Its aromatic strength urges you to seek references hidden behind the sharp complexity. Ripe grape, wood, sweetness and tannins – all expressed with absolute subtlety – enchant the palate.

Made entirely with nebbiolo grapes. Aged in new French oak barrels for 16 months. Bottled in July 2003. 12,000 bottles.