Earth and Sea Squids

Earth and Sea Squids
Cuoco: Koldo Rodero
Nazionalita: España
Localita: 31002 Pamplona (Navarra).
Indirizzo: Arrieta, 3
(+.34) 948211217

This proposal is synonymous with minimalist genius based on seasons. We first tried the squid cubes with daikon, then the reversed version, in which radish was replaced by thistle, one of the emblematic vegetables from Navarra. The truth is that we don’t know how the cook can give us so much pleasure with so few elements: a velvety black sauce with a clear flavour of the cephalopod stains the bottom of the dish and welcomes some squid rectangles with raw and slightly warmed thistle or daikon which preserve all their purity and naturality. At the first bite, the mouth gets inundated with...