Lomejordelagastronomia.com (the name meaning “the-best-in-gastronomy”) is an international magazine that can be viewed in several languages as from 20 September, and which, after a number of “Issues No. 0”, will be in full operation by 22 November, on which date it will be presented at the Kursaal Congress in San Sebastián. The main contents of the magazine will change every week. It will feature in-depth articles, in the form of editorials and sections by contributors, written by some of the top gourmet journalists from France, Italy, the United States and Japan – those countries being the main focus. There will also be a review of a restaurant, a wine and a product every seven days. And a section on “Great dishes” will be appearing, intended to turn the spotlight on the most imaginative virtuoso creations: the dishes will be displayed and analysed, and the recipes given. There will also be an “Art Gallery”, in charge of Bob Noto, which will propose the highest-impact photos of all what restaurants offer. Every news item of interest will have its place in these pages, which are intended to propose the latest. Readers will have their own place, in two sections that are open to diversity and even to controversy: “Letters to the Editor” and “The Forum”, where they will be able to exchange all kinds of opinions and experiences, with professionals and gourmets being encouraged to join in. We are also starting up a register of culinary patents, the idea being that people will have everything that is invented immediately entered in it, which will spark off a debate on its very existence and on what it contributes to, if anything, as well as help to keep up with ‘everything that’s being cooked’.
Over the time, the magazine will take on guide-book content, featuring rankings of chefs, delicatessens, wines etc., and that will enable us to position this Guía Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía (Best-of-Gastronomy Guide) in the international sphere as a selection that includes only top-ranking restaurants and products.
A nimble media channel, focusing on exclusivity, spurring thought and debate as well as criticism, participatory, independent, cosmopolitan and contemporary, and aimed at all who yearn for a better world.